How’s Your Prayer Life?

Preached on 17 May 2015 at St. Luke’s Memorial Episcopal Church, Tacoma
Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year B

How’s your prayer life?

At this time of year, our lives can get so busy , we are so overwhelmed that our prayers lives may be put aside.  We just don’t have time to pray.  Ironically, when we take time for prayer, often our lives seem less chaotic, more serene  and we often find we accomplish more.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been listening in on jeus’ final evening with his disciples before he is arrested.  This morning, we hear him praying fervently for them while they listen in.  It may be just as important for them to hear the prayer as it is for God to hear it.

He knows that their lives are about to get crazy and very dangerous.  In the days that followed, I wonder if the disciples remembered that prayer and used it to shape their own prayers.

In our liturgical season, we’re in that in-between time – after Jesus has returned to God and before the Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost.  I wonder what it was like for the disciples.  They have lost Jesus again!  How will they go on?  They return to that upper room to wait and pray.

Easter season is winding down and we head into the long season of Ordinary Time after Pentecost, when our lives get busy and schedules are irregular – how will you go on?

What makes you feel alive?

This seems like just the right question to ask for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, doesn’t it? What will keep reminding you of the resurrection? What will help you remember that resurrection is here and now. What Easter feeling will remain in your memory so that you can draw on it when you need it the most?

And how will you reconnect with it?

One way is to attend to your prayer life.  But how will you fit prayer into an already too-full day?

Of course there are many ways to pray and we will each find different ways to pray fit better with our personality and our lives.

Breath prayers at stoplights – Be still and know that I am God.  Or call to mind a ‘Resurrection Moment’ that connects you with God; that connects you with that which makes you feel alive.

Centering Prayer

Praying with the newspaper

Examen – review your day.  When did you feel most alive, that you were loved or loving?  When did you feel most yourself?  Connected with God or the earth or another person?
Then ask yourself what made you feel disoriented or tangled up?  What deadened you?  When you felt you were not loving or loved?  When you felt separated from other people, or from God?

Forward Day by Day.

Prayer Book – daily devotions; MP, EP, Compline

Prayer list from Sunday.

Walking / meditating



Prayers while you wash dishes or fold laundry or take a shower.

There are many, many ways to pray, to spend time with God.  And many ways to fit prayer into your day.  You’ll be glad you did.